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New York Excelsior are the OWL Stage 3 winners

They squared off against Boston Uprising for the honour.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

New York Excelsior has already had major success this season in the Overwatch League, having secured the Stage 2 championship not too long ago, and now they've lifted the Stage 3 title as well after beating the Boston Uprising, securing $100,000 USD in the process.

Boston Uprising will probably be a little disappointed considering their unbeaten run in the league for this stage, but they still earned $25,000 and have a lot of talent going into Stage 4, so there are positives to find. New York Excelsior and London Spitfire, though, remain the only two teams with titles under their belt.

Can New York Excelsior win the next stage's title too?

Photo: Overwatch League