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NBA 2K18

76ers Gaming Club reveal digital court and uniforms

This will come into play in this week's Tip-Off tournament.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

As with most NBA 2K League clubs, the 76ers Gaming Club is keeping itself busy, recently announcing the signing of head coach Jeff Terrell, and now they've unveiled their digital home court and uniforms for the competition, which will first come into use tomorrow when they play their first match in the five-day Tip-Off tournament.

"The digital uniforms and court for 76ers Gaming Club are a clean, yet bold representation of the 76ers GC brand with the visually-striking Liberty Bell-shaped '76' at the forefront," said Philadelphia 76ers Chief Marketing Officer Katie O'Reilly. "We have taken a contemporary approach to our historical basketball brand with 76ers GC. With the swoosh trailing the basketball in the '76' logo on the court's baselines and the team's shorts, fans may notice the subtle nod to the 'Black and Gold' era uniforms of the 2000's. The patriotic blue and red throughout completes the cutting-edge nature of the 76ersGC brand as it emerges in the NBA 2K League."

You can take a look at both the kits and the court below. How do you think they've turned out?

NBA 2K18
Photo: 76ers Gaming Club
NBA 2K18NBA 2K18
Photo: 76ers Gaming Club
Photo: 76ers Gaming Club