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We talk with EMLS champion Kid M3mito about his win

Being unbeaten was the "cherry on top".

In case you weren't aware, the recent EMLS Cup at PAX East this past weekend was won by Houston Dynamo's Kid M3mito, and we caught up with him in Boston after his victory to see how he felt about claiming victory in the first of these cups.

"It's been an amazing experience, especially it being the first tournament ever made," he told us. "Going on an unbeaten run especially has been... it gives it the cherry on top."

Ronaldo was also an important player for him throughout, and there are a few reasons why he chose the Portuguese superstar. "He's an amazing player, to be honest. He has strength, pace, and everything you want in a player," Kid M3mito said.

What does this mean for him moving forward though? "It just means I'll keep coming to more events, I'll keep getting bigger."

Did you catch the EMLS Cup action?