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Dallas Fuel player OGE suspended from Overwatch League

After xQc, another Fuel player comes under fire.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

After a series of controversies, Overwatch player xQc was finally dropped from his Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel earlier this month, but that's not the end of their troubles, as the official League website has revealed that their player OGE is now suspended from the competition.

"As of today, the Dallas Fuel player Minseok "OGE" Son is suspended for four matches for taking part in "account-boosting" schemes during the summer of 2017," the statement reads. "Account boosting, wherein an individual is paid to increase another user's Skill Rating, is contrary to the values of the Overwatch League, and violates the Blizzard End User License Agreement."

A lot of people thought the incident when LA Gladiators' coach dpei released a statement after bumping into players backstage indicated that the League was trigger happy with bans, causing people to fear punishment if they did something slightly controversial, and this ban won't help with that image, even if the League were justified in what they did.

Do you think the ban is justified here?

Photo: Dallas Fuel