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Diya continues to be out of action for Shanghai Dragons

The team has confirmed the news on Twitter.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Earlier this month we reported that Shanghai Dragons' player Diya was temporarily taking some time out of the team to deal with a family situation, and now the team's official Twitter account has revealed that he'll actually be out for the rest of Stage 2.

"Temporary roster notification: "Diya" is expected to miss the rest two weeks matches in Stage 2 due to family issues. Coaching team will decide a role change according to recent scrim performances and the circumstances about how new players blend into the team," the announcement reads.

This isn't the only player needing time out of action though, as Undead is also absent right now due to a "personal issue", with visa meetings going on as we speak to determine whether the remaining players can get visas issued to return to the US.

Will Undead and Diya be missed?