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Shanghai Dragons' Undead out of action in Overwatch League

This is due to a "personal issue".

  • Text: Sam Bishop


It wasn't long ago we reported that Diya was out of action for Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons, and now the Chinese team has revealed that Undead will also be missing some game time now as well, due to a "personal issue".

The news was revealed with the following tweet: "Roster Update: Due to personal issue, Undead will left for China and is expected to miss the next two matches. Also, Ado and Fearless have been notified by embassy and will have visa interview today. They are expected to arrived in US during 3/18-3/20 if the interview goes well."

When asked, the official Twitter account also confirmed that Geguri is expected to have her visa interview on March 21, hopefully landing in the USA on March 23. Do you think this will knock the team back a bit, or can they cope well with all of this going on?

Photo: Overwatch League