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Insidia's competitive scene "is starting right now"

It may have only just fully launched, but lead designer Marco Bielli sees esports growth.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Bad Seed's turn-based game Insidia has just launched in full, but has already hosted competitions on competitive platform Faceit after teaming up with the company to promote competition, something that has impressed lead designer Marco Bielli, who has already seen a growth in the game's competitive scene with said tournaments.

"Of course the first ones were won by the closed beta players," he said. "They spent months training for the game, but a week later new challengers were emerging, there was already a shift in who is constantly winning. So the competitive scene is starting right now as it is. There are some people who are really, really into the game, new strategies are emerging, strategies that even I never thought of, so the game is starting to become alive."

"Our aim from day one of this project was to develop a turn-based game that had the potential to become a competitive game, maybe one day an esport, and so everything in the game is catered towards that objective. So we have quick matches, deep enough gameplay, we tried to make it enjoyable to watch even if it is a turn-based game [...] there is this degree of you don't know what will happen."

Have you had a chance to try out Insidia? What about the Faceit tournaments?