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Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 "the biggest and best yet"

We talked with Gfinity's Martin Wyatt about the new season.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

As we reported yesterday, the third season of the Gfinity Elite Series kicks off today, and we recently caught up with Head of Partner Relationships at Gfinity Martin Wyatt to talk about the third series, where he told us that the changes being made are for the benefit of the entire competition.

"It's been amazing," He said. "The success of the first two seasons of the Elite Series has been something that has been really pleasing to us all at Gfinity. The first two seasons have definitely exceeded our expectations so [we're] on the verge of Season 3, which is definitely going to be the biggest and the best yet undoubtedly."

"I mean, it's changed in that we've increased the number of teams from eight to 10, which has driven a different format. So rather than sort of a straight league, round-robin, we had to divide the teams into two groups which would then feed into a playoff system, and then obviously we've had a change in games, so Counter-Strike is popular, so popular in fact that we had to extrapolate it out and move it into its own thing, and we've been able to add FIFA to the roster of games in the Elite Series, which considering it's become an official qualifying competition for the FIFA eWorld Cup playoffs it's massively exciting. A game of that size, a community of that size involved, especially in an official sense, is incredibly exciting for us all."

Do you think that the changes have made Season 3 the best season yet?

Photo: Gfinity