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San Francisco Shock Contenders team reveals training home

This is in partnership with Events DC.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Esports organisation NRG Esports, who are behind the San Francisco Shock Overwatch League team, and Events DC have announced a new training home in Washington, DC, to house their team for the upcoming Overwatch Contenders league, the developmental competition below the Overwatch League.

The Contenders roster will feature six professional players who will now live and work together under one roof as part of this training space in preparation for the first match in the league on March 13. Also, as part of this partnership the Contenders team's jersey will feature Events DC branding, and they'll be driving branded content too. During the season though they'll be playing matches online once a week on either Tuesday of Sunday from the house.

"Washington, DC is an innovative city with a flourishing creative economy that continues to position itself to attract new visitors, future residents and industries to bring new revenue to the city. While technology is shaping the future of entertainment, esports is just another opportunity for us to showcase DC. Through Events DC's esports initiative, the District remains committed to creating a hub for esports," said Deputy Mayor Brian Kenner.

"We are beyond thrilled that NRG has chosen the District of Columbia to locate a house for their Overwatch Contenders team. One of our priorities at Events DC over the last 18 months has been to create and execute an esports strategy to position Washington, DC as a leader in this important economic development and tourism space," said Max Brown, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Events DC. "We have done this through our ongoing sponsorship of NRG; our hosting of major esports events, and our brand building across the country. This move by NRG to locate a team here in the nation's capital is further evidence that our esports efforts continue to gain traction and show success."

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Photo: Overwatch League