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Rainbow Six: Siege

RaNger: "Breaching operators have biggest impact on the meta"

We spoke with Rogue's Rainbow Six: Siege coach in Montreal.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

While we were at the Six Invitational we asked a lot of the pro Rainbow Six: Siege players and coaches what they thought about the new Operation Chimera operators Finka and Lion, and Rogue's coach Tristan 'RaNger' Pehrson said that they might not have too much of an impact on the meta since they're not breachers.

"They're both attackers, one offers a nanoboost, so their utilities are more improving your ability to win gunfights and find intel, it's not really like breaching operators," he said. "I think generally breaching operators have the biggest impact on the meta, like when we saw Hibana come in, but obviously there's gonna be something new we're gonna be able to leverage out of them and I look forward to pushing the meta and having my team at the forefront and I think that's important to us and gives us a big advantage when it comes to other teams, so we're going to be looking to leverage everything that's coming out of Operation Chimera that we think can push our game farther."

Do you agree with RaNger?