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The Pokémon World Championships will be held in Tennessee

We have the dates for the international event.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Pokémon Company International has revealed the dates and locations for two major Pokémon competitions, these being the Pokémon North America International Championships, taking place between July 6 and 8 in Columbus, Ohio, and the Pokémon World Championships, coming to Nashville, Tennessee between August 24 and 26.

Regarding the former, the Greater Columbus Convention Center will host the event, and despite being a North America event it's still global, as there are no residency restrictions. Players from all over the world can gain Championship Points (which help with qualification for the World Championships) both in the video game section and the card game.

The World Championships will be held at the Music City Center, and the event is described as "a celebration of all things Pokémon and the dedication of the competitors who have worked hard to make it to the Championships." To qualify you'll need to gather enough Championship Points throughout the year to get an invitation, and if you win you'll get a trophy and a slice of the $500,000 USD prize pool.

For more on the events check out the official website. Would you like to attend these events?

Photo: The Pokémon Company International

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