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London Spitfire are Overwatch League Stage 1 winners

They did a reverse-sweep on New York Excelsior.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Overwatch League is an ongoing competition, but it's split into stages, the first of which has just come to an end, seeing London Spitfire crowned champions after beating out both Houston Outlaws and New York Excelsior to lift the title, the top three teams out of all 12.

Both first maps in the grand final against Excelsior went against Spitfire in fact, but they entertained the crowd by reverse sweeping (which means coming back from a deficit) their rivals, going from 2-0 down to 3-2 after victories on Horizon Lunar Colony, Numbani, and Dorado.

"We were all very exhausted and tired, and that's why we weren't able to perform that well, and dropped the first two maps," said London tank Jae-Hui 'Gesture' Hong. "After losing the first two maps, we thought, 'Hey, we can't let it end like this.' So we rallied back and won a game. After that, we were like, 'Hey, it's 2-1, might as well.' So we made it 2-2. So then we said, 'It's too close to let go, so we have to win.' And we ended up winning."

Stage 2 starts on February 21, and London Spitfire have definitely made their mark on the league already. Can they win stages in the future too?

Photo: Overwatch League