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Critical Ops

Mobile FPS game Critical Ops reaches one million daily players

2017 was a good year for the game.

Critical Force has announced that their competitive mobile FPS title Critical Ops now has one million daily players, having been download over 34 million times, so it's doing pretty well and contributing to the growing mobile esports market.

On top of this the developer also revealed that Critical Ops now has half a million followers on social media channels, with half a million Critical Ops videos being produced on YouTube as well. It's a popular game on Discord too, with the game's server having over 54,000 members.

"Year 2017 was phenomenal for us in many ways. Our game became one of the de facto standard mobile esports games and our staff more than quadrupled last year," said CEO of Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen. "We're very much looking forward to 2018 and we have many great milestones ahead of us such as the official release of Critical Ops."

Do you think that Critical Ops is one of the best mobile esports titles out there?

Critical Ops
Photo: Critical Force