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Overwatch League reportedly targeting expansion in Europe

As well as Asia.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

A new quarterly report from Activision Blizzard has talked about how successful the Overwatch League has been for the company, but this isn't the big news, as reports have claimed that they're also looking to expand the competition, and that this could be specifically targeting Europe and Asia.

"This was a record quarter to cap off a record year for Activision Blizzard," said CEO Bobby Kotick. "In 2017, our community reached new milestones for engagement, our business delivered record revenues and cash flows, and we made important progress in building future growth opportunities such as the Overwatch League. We couldn't be more excited for the opportunities ahead in 2018 to continue serving our players and fans."

"In its first week, the Overwatch League reached more than 10 million unique viewers across the world with an average audience of more than 280,000 on a per minute basis," the report continued.

Activision Blizzard also hosted a conference call with the press, after which ESPN's Jacob Wolf tweeted that the League's commissioner Nate Nanzer allegedly said that the plans for expansion will target Europe and Asia, following Rod Breslau's tweet that the league would add more teams for Season 2.

What kind of expansion would you like to see from the Overwatch League?

Photo: Overwatch League