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Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor player reportedly transferred for $1.2 million USD

Lao Shuai transferred from AG Super Play to GK Gaming.

Arena of Valor, or Honor of Kings as its known in China, has a large following as a mobile MOBA game, so much so that it seems professional player Zhang 'Lao Shuai' Yuchen has become part of a transfer that's allegedly worth $1.2 million USD, as reported by Lanxiong Sports and brought to us by The Esports Observer.

Lao Shuai plays in the Honor of Kings Pro League competition, and this transfer from AG Super Play to GK Gaming was valued at 8 million Yuan, which translates to the aforementioned $1.2 million, and if this is true it would make it the largest transfer deal in mobile esports to date.

Arena of Valor/Honor of Kings seems to be more and more dedicated to esports, as we've also heard reports of a World Cup on the way as well, with $500,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Do you think the game has a future as an esport?

Arena of Valor