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Arena of Valor

Report: Arena of Valor World Cup planned with $500K prizes

Tencent has big plans for the mobile MOBA by the sounds of it.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Word on the street is that Tencent is planning a huge World Cup for Arena of Valor, with a massive $500K prize pool said to be part of the plan to put the mobile MOBA on the map here in the West.

Arena of Valor is a relatively new game on the block over here, but in China (where it's called Honor of Kings), the game's popularity means that it's effectively the world's most played mobile title. Tencent, which also owns League of Legends, is looking to increase the presence of its handheld counterpart to LoL, and a stonking great prize pool is certainly a good way of turning heads and getting people involved.

The report on The Esports Observer also suggests that SK Gaming, Team Liquid, Vitality, and Alliance are all set to compete in the inaugral competition, which comes in the wake of last November's AoV Asia International Championship, a competition that also boasted a $500K prize pool.

Arena of Valor

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