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Twitch is the official streaming service for Eleague tournaments

Last year's Eleague Major set records on the platform.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Turner Sports, the organisation that hosts the Eleague series of esports tournaments, has announced that Twitch is the official live streaming service for Eleague now, beginning with the ongoing CS:GO competition Eleague Major: Boston, which will reach its conclusion this coming weekend.

Last year's Eleague Major grand final set a new record on Twitch for the highest number of concurrent views on a single channel, with over one million viewers, and so this multi-year agreement makes sense for Turner, especially considering how active esports communities are on Twitch.

"Eleague and Twitch have formed an incredible partnership that has allowed Eleague's premium live event coverage to reach a highly engaged, digitally-native community of passionate fans," said Craig Barry, Executive Vice President of Production and Chief Content Officer at Turner Sports. "The strong performance of our live event coverage on Twitch - including record-setting concurrent streams during last year's inaugural Eleague Major - speaks to why we couldn't be more thrilled to continue this relationship."

Speaking of Twitch, you can watch the New Champions stage of Eleague Major: Boston on the platform from 10:00 ET today (which is 15:00 GMT), with the grand final taking place on Sunday.

What's interesting is that this news follows closely from the announcement from fellow esports company ESL that they would be streaming their major ESL One and CS:GO Pro League competitions via Facebook, so it will definitely be interesting to see the results of both of these moves. What do you think of these partnerships?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Eleague