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Rainbow Six: Siege

FaZe acquires former Fontt Rainbow Six: Siege team

They follow in Team Liquid's footsteps.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

It wasn't long ago that we found out Team Liquid had signed a Brazilian team for Rainbow Six: Siege, and now we know via FaZe Clan's Twitter that they too have jumped into the competitive scene for Ubisoft's shooter, signing another Brazilian roster, the one formerly known as Team Fontt.

Fontt were in attendance at the Rainbow Six Pro League Year Season 3 finals in Brazil last year, and are one of the top teams in Latin America. The roster right now includes gohaN, cameram4n, HSnamuringa, Astro, and mav, and they'll no doubt be looking to make a big impact under this new organisation.

Do you think Fontt is a good team to acquire?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: Team Fontt