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Ruud Gullit establishes esports academy for FIFA

Team Gullit is looking for recruits.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Ruud Gullit, legendary footballer from the Netherlands, has established "the world's first independent FIFA-academy," according to the announcement on Twitter, an esports academy called Team Gullit dedicated to training and created professionals in EA Sports' football game.

"I ended up in the world of FIFA because of my two sons. One of them plays professional football and my other son enjoys playing FIFA more than playing football in real life," Gullit says on the website. "When I visited the FIFA World Championships last year, I realised that there is such an enormous world behind the video game."

The academy already has some talent signed to it, including Floris 'Florisacm' Jorna; Julian 'JulianBerg1203' van den Berg; and Dani 'Dani-Visser' Visser - all of which are from the Netherlands - but they're looking for more players to sign up, which you can do right here.

Do you like the idea of this academy?

Photo: Team Gullit