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Blizzard launching Overwatch League tokens for skins

Support your favourite team by investing.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

We already knew that Overwatch team skins were coming to the Overwatch World Cup and Overwatch League to distinguish teams from one another in-game, but now Blizzard has revealed via a new video that regular players can get skins for all 12 OWL teams as well via a new form of currency.

League commissioner Nate Nanzer revealed that this new currency, called League Tokens, will allow you to buy content related to the league, with all players on all platforms receiving enough for one skin for the first month after launch as a bonus.

This new currency has been launched to make sure that it achieves its intended purpose - to support the teams in the league by the sale of their skins. Do you think this is a good idea?

Photo: Blizzard

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