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Rainbow Six: Siege

Willkey: "We knew exactly what EG were gonna do"

Ence faced EG in the Pro League Season 3 finals yesterday.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Yesterday Ence beat out Evil Geniuses in the quarter finals of the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3, and we caught up with Ence player Niklas 'Willkey' Ojalainen to talk about the match, and whether EG surprised them.

"Not really," he said. "We were really prepared for the maps, because we knew we were gonna play those maps. In Clubhouse we had a couple of [bad] plays, so that's why we weren't able to win that and lost out in the second map, but once we got to Border I was sure that we were gonna take it, because we knew exactly what they were gonna do."

"It was a hard match. We knew it was gonna be a tough game, we were gonna play the maps, the maps that both teams like to play, so it was whoever was better today is gonna win it [...] I'm sure [EG] are gonna come back stronger to the Invitational, but what a game today."

For more on yesterday's action check out our quarter finals recap. Did you expect Ence to take the win against EG like they did?

Rainbow Six: Siege