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League of Legends

Airbus is sponsoring new LoL team Out Of the Blue

So far only the team coach has been confirmed for the new League of Legends team.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Airbus is the latest organisation looking to get into the world of competitive gaming, this after the company unveiled its new League of Legends team, Out Of the Blue.

So far very little is known about the upcoming outfit and who will make the lineup, although according to rumours that have been circulating as of late, the team will apparently be all-female. What we do know for sure is that team coach Etienne "Steve" Michels has been confirmed.

We also don't know at which level the team will be competing. A trailer below was originally shared on YouTube back in September, and in the description creators Master Films mentions that Airbus is "entering League of Legends (LCS EU) sponsoring."

The LCS EU is the top tier LoL competition here in Europe, and if accurate that would mean either the league is expanding, or Airbus has purchased another team's spot. The other option is that OOB will compete in the tier below the LCS, but that very much remains unclear at the time of writing.

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