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NBA teams set on League of Legends team names

The Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ready to compete.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

The word on the street is that two NBA teams - Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers - have chosen team names for their respective North American League of Legends Championship Series franchises.

The report on ESPN suggests that both teams have picked names for their respective LoL teams, with the news apparently coming from sources close to the two organisations.

The Houston Rockets have apparently chosen the name Clutch City Gaming, whilst the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken the name 100 Thieves, a brand previously owned by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag.

Golden State Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob also has a team accepted for the North American League Championship Series, but has yet to decide on a name, the same report explains.

The three aforementioned teams join OpTic Gaming in replacing the outgoing Immortals, Phoenix1, Team Dignitas, and Team Envy, who don't make the competition following its restructuring in October.

League of Legends
Photo: NBA