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Worlds 2017 - Semi Finals Round-up

It's a good day for Korean teams.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Worlds are almost at an end, and this past weekend saw the semi finals take place, pitting four of the top teams in the competition against one another, and it was great news for Korean teams, many of which were expected to do well.

SK Telecom T1 played the first semi final on Saturday against Royal Never Give Up, and although the team are the reigning champions and considered by many to be the best team around, it was a close matchup against Royal Never Give Up. After three games in fact, the score stood at 2-1 for RNG, and even though SKT visibly struggled, they pulled it back to 3-2 to seal their place in the grand final.

The other semi final saw Team WE face Samsung Galaxy, another Korean team. This didn't go to plan for Samsung Galaxy, though, as they were demolished in the first game, but they showed strength to rally after that, winning the next three games to book their own place in the final.

Now we just have to wait for the grand final to see who can come out on top. Could it be SKT again?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games