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Mercy is the most used Overwatch hero for pros

She's the only one sitting on over 95% usage.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Overwatch stats website Overbuff has revealed some big news regarding hero usage in pro players, as the lovable Lúcio is no longer in top place on the most-used heroes list.

Mercy is now the hero with over 95% usage, followed by D.Va and Zenyatta at the first tier (over 80%). Where's Lúcio gone though? Well, he's slipped down a lot, coming in at 13% now, alongside the likes of Widowmaker, Ana, Reinhardt, Zarya, Pharah, and Orisa in the fourth tier.

There's a number of reasons why this has happened, and it mainly comes down to a combination of Lúcio's healing and speed boosts getting nerfed in terms of range, as well as the total rework for Mercy that came earlier this year.

Is Mercy a worthy first place winner?


Thanks, Dot Esports.