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Blizzard Arena Los Angeles opens on October 7

It'll be used a lot next month.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Blizzard has announced that it will open the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles on October 7, built with the purpose of accommodating esports competitions in mind, such as those for Hearthstone and Overwatch, which are already scheduled.

Multiple events can take place at any one time in the arena due to the number of stages and amenities, and there's also a Blizzard shop that will be opened during events to provide gear to fans that come to watch.

In terms of what will be held there, the grand opening will see the Overwatch Contenders playoffs at the arena from October 7 to 8, while the Summer Championship of the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) will take place on October 13. After that, the Overwatch League's launch will have the arena as the home for its debut season too.

Do you expect to see more arenas like this?

Photo: Blizzard