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Overwatch hitting Finland's ROG Tournament GameXpo 2017

Seven teams will compete until November.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

ASUS ROG has announced its return to GameXpo this year, with the focus this time being on producing the first Finnish Overwatch League, an idea that came from Ence Esports and the Helsinki Reds.

"There are numerous Overwatch teams in Finland and the scene is growing all the time. International tournaments for European scene are on the way, but we also feel that providing local activities is the requirement for organic growth," said Jussi Patjas, Helsinki REDS Project Manager.

Companies like Grano and Bright joined forces with ASUS ROG for this event, which will consist of two stages. First, there's the regular season played online, with two matches every week on Tuesdays and Sundays, kicking off on September 19, and then there's the playoffs at the main stage of GameXpo from November 3 to 5.

The teams included in the competition are Ence Esports, Helsinki Reds, Gigantti, Nemesis, Nyyrikki, Aces, and Kindergarten. Who can lift the trophy though?