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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six pros push gadgets and destruction to their limits

The game's esports director François-Xavier Deniele told us what sets them apart.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

During our time at Gamescom this year, we spoke with Rainbow Six: Siege's esports director François-Xavier Deniele about not only the tournament going on, but also about esports in general, and during our discussion we asked what Deniele can see in pro players that sets them aside from the rest.

"For me it's definitely the use of every specific gadget from each Operator," he said. "They will push the Operator user until the end. Something also important to remember with Rainbow Six is the destruction, so when we are checking all the teams practising for esports they are pushing the destruction and all the strategies are really clear with where they will use the destruction, what they need to clear. So definitely for the production it's important, because there are things the game has never seen from a pro player, and what is important from Ubisoft and the production is the community and players are really involved with the production about the meta of the game. Yes, for sure, the game is for everyone, so we're not pushed for pro player only, but definitely as we are pushing the game mostly, it's important we take into account their comments about the meta, the Operator, and the map."

How do you think the pro players play differently from the rest?

Rainbow Six: Siege