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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege's esports is important for production

Esports director François-Xavier Deniele talked to us at Gamescom this year.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Rainbow Six: Siege has grown immensely not only as a game in general but also as an esport, and during our recent visit to Gamescom we caught up with the game's esports director François-Xavier Deniele to talk about esports, specifically the event in Cologne, and he told us exactly why it's so important.

"Yeah, yeah, it's very interesting because... so from the production side it's very important because it's a good way to balance a game and to work on changing the meta of the game because the pro player is pushing a lot of the game in the meta [...] for the competition. Here right now we are in the final at Gamescom, the worldwide final for the season 2, so it's an event for [...] Ubisoft and the community, so definitely we are introducing more and more territories. We just announced that Asia will come in September to the Pro League, so it's a big event for us now and [...] definitely something important for the community and the pro players, because it's all about the health of our league even when they are practicing during all the seasons. So definitely we are all together for this big event in the next two days."

How big can Rainbow Six: Siege's esports grow?