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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty World Championships - Day Three round-up

The doors finally opened to the public and the knockout stages began. Read on to see how today played out.

  • Text: Ford James

Kicking off the day today was Rise Nation vs Infused - not a showcase match by any means, but after losing the first Hardpoint, Infused kicked on and took both the Search and Destroy and the Uplink to lead 2-1. Rise Nation led throughout the final Hardpoint, but Infused did not give up and ended up taking the map 250-247 and 3-1 overall in what was one of the closest moments of the tournament so far.

The other game to kick off the day was FaZe vs Str8 Rippin; two teams that looked incredibly strong during pool play, and from the first game it looked like FaZe had left their minds back in the hotel. They came back strong however and won the next three maps on the bounce to take it 3-1 and announce their intentions to face off against Infused in the next round. We spoke with ZooMa after the game who explained that his controller broke during the first map which was the downfall for his poor performance.

Splyce vs Enigma6 was up next, with the European champions on form after their pool play performances. They continued to dominate, disposing of E6 3-0 and securing their spot in the next round, where they'd come up against the winner of OpTic vs Mindfreak.Black. We had a chat with Bance, check it out below.

OpTic faced off against Mindfreak.Black, and were clear favourites. They didn't disappoint; after going down early on the first map, they recuperated and finished off strongly as the chants of "Come on OpTic!" echoed around the arena. Splyce vs OpTic, #1 EU vs #1 NA, is happening early.

EnVyUs were matched up versus Epsilon; two of the strongest teams of their respective regions in history, but perhaps not the strongest going into this event. nV took the match 3-1, knocking Epsilon into the losers bracket. We spoke with Jkap who is on for his third championship if nV win - catch everything he had to say below.

Ghost Gaming, the newly formed squad that nobody expected to perform as well as they did during pool play, were up next facing off against Cloud9. They have carried on their impressive performances, beating Cloud9 3-1. After the game we spoke with SpaceLy to hear his thoughts on the matter and how confident he was going into this event - you can catch the full interview below.

When we spoke to Tommey yesterday, he said he was more than confident with his roster going into the knockout stages. They faced off against Allegiance today but weren't able to live up to expectations, falling 3-1.

Luminosity Gaming vs eUnited made up the final match in the first round of the winners bracket, and it was anybody's game. LG are a strong squad but have disappointed so far, while everyone considered eUnited the opposite. They continued their fantastic form, with stand-out performances from Priestinni and Clayster securing the 3-1 victory for eU.

Losers bracket games finished off the day, and first up was Mindfreak.Black vs Enigma6. It was business as usual for E6 as they eliminated the final Australian team 3-0 - unfortunately it wasn't the year from the guys from down under.

After impressing massively during pool play, Str8 Rippin were knocked into the losers bracket by FaZe. No surprise really, but it knocked their confidence for six as Rise Nation came out strong despite their 3-1 loss to Infused and sent Str8 Rippin packing by the same scoreline. We spoke to FeLonY after the game, and you can catch that here.

The earlier loss to Allegiance seemed to really affect Fnatic's mentality and it didn't come back in their losers bracket game. Up against Luminosity, they fell and fell and continued to fall as they were eliminated from the event 3-0. Tommey won't be happy with their performance, but time will tell if the team will stick together or not.

To round off the day, Epsilon played against Cloud9. Epsilon started off strong with a 1-0 lead and managed to continue that momentum all the way through the next two maps, sending Aches and his younger teammates home.

That just about does it for day two. 12 teams remain, but only one can come out on top over the next two days of action. Tomorrow kicks off with Ghost Gaming vs EnVyUs, but the standout game is definitely the second match where the #1 EU team in Splyce take on the #1 NA team and the fan favourites, OpTic Gaming. Keep your eyes on Gamereactor throughout the weekend for all the action, and check out our interview with OpTic H3CZ below.