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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

FaZe's ZooMaa: "My controller broke; I dropped it!"

He explained that he wasn't just playing badly.

  • Text: Ford James

We're in Orlando, Florida to cover the 2017 Call of Duty World Championships, and the first big match of the day took place between FaZe and Str8 Rippin. Nobody expected Str8 Rippin to perform as well as they did during pool play, and all eyes were on them to see if their performance could carry on through to the knockout stages.

It started out well. They won the first Hardpoint with a considerable lead, but FaZe bounced back and won the overall series 3-1. The notable performance from the first map was ZooMaa's 3-22, something the casters called out and the fans were wondering what was wrong.

We spoke to him after the game and he shed light on the situation: "Actually my controller broke. It broke like a minute into the game, I dropped it before the match so that's probably what happened, I probably messed it up. The analogue stick got really loose and the paddles stopped working, and I mean it was kind of my fault, I didn't want to end the game or leave the game because that's a forfeit, the other team would go for it. It's what happened to Elevate yesterday, they ended up getting forfeited because of a controller issue and they stopped playing. So I didn't want to stop playing, I just took the L and got embarrassed. I ended up bouncing back the next three maps, I switched out my controller and did really well."

Do you think FaZe can go all the way? Let us know in the comments and check out the full interview below.