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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Fnatic sponsor a summer-themed CS:GO map

It's call surf_summer and is a surfer's paradise.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Esports organisation Fnatic is sponsoring a new CS:GO map by the name of surf_summer, created by JSurf Studios, which is led by Hardex and Tioga060, and it's the perfect map to play if you want to combine CS:GO with the joys of summer.

"When Fnatic contacted us to create this project, we knew we had to come up with exciting ways to promote their new summer product line, so the map comes with an in-game reward system that will let you unlock different player models for progressing through the map," the Steam Community page says. "The map also has lots of easter eggs to discover, so look closely as you surf!"

We've included the official trailer down below, and as you can see there's a beach, a ferris wheel, and all kinds of fun and innocent things, so if you're a bit worn out by the seriousness of the esports scene, you should definitely chill out in this map. What's your favourite part of the map?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: JSurf Studios