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Overwatch's Season 5 is now under way

There's a new spray, and rewards to be won.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Overwatch players will no doubt be pleased to hear that as of today Season 5 of competitive play is under way, available to all those who choose to participate and are over Level 25.

As with other seasons, unique rewards can be earned in competitive play as well, and anyone who plays all the placement matches in this season will receive a spray and player icon unique to the season. You'll also get an extra player icon and animated spray if you're within the top 500 players on your platform at the end of the season too, and competitive points to spend on golden versions of weapons.

You can see the new spray for this season down below, and for more detail on Season 5 head over to the official website for the game. Do you like this Season 5 spray?

Photo: Blizzard