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League of Legends

Adelaide Crows will be acquiring Legacy Esports

Australian Football continues to make moves in esports.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Earlier this month we reported that the Australian Football League was seriously considering a move into esports, and now we have more Australian Football-related esports news to bring you, as the Adelaide Crows have announced that they are acquiring Sydney-based team Legacy Esports, a League of Legends team competing in the Oceanic Pro League.

The chief executive of the Adelaide Crows Andrew Fagan echoed the statements made by the AFL, saying that the move into esports would widen engagement, saying esports "is hugely popular with millennials and there are enhanced opportunities for current and new corporate partners to engage with younger, digital and social media savvy audiences."

"In many ways, esports represents the intersection of technology, media and entertainment, which are all a key part of our strategic focus. Across the globe there are sporting clubs, billionaire investors and athletes becoming involved in esports with a view to growing their brand and reach, driving commercial outcomes and engaging with new fans. "

"League of Legends esports was the most obvious choice for our Club to get involved in, as it is one of the most developed esports leagues in the region," he continued. "We will bring our expertise in elite and professional sport to support the high performance development of the Legacy players who are driven to achieve success in their field.

Riot Games's head of esports Daniel Ringland also commented on the move: "Not only are the Adelaide Crows the first 'traditional' sporting club to expand into the Oceanic Pro League but they are a club built on both excellence in performance and dedication to their fans, which is why Legacy is the perfect partner for them going forward."

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League of Legends
Photo: Legacy Esports