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ESIC bans a CS:GO player for two years

Connor 'zonC' Huglin won't be able to play until 2019.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

ESIC, or the Esports Integrity Coalition, has announced that it has banned Conner 'zonC' Huglin from all esports for two years, up until May 9 2019.

The reason for the banner was that zonC used a cheat that is undetectable by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) during the Mettlestate Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship this month, and as a result of the admission he was offered a plea bargain, so a full hearing wasn't necessary. He later apologised to Mattlestate, his former team Armor Legion Gaming, and the community as a whole.

Esports Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith said: "It is always disappointing when someone cheats and it gives me no pleasure to ban a player, but cheating cannot be tolerated in esports - it fundamentally undermines the integrity and credibility of our industry. I hope this demonstrates that ESIC will deal quickly, decisively and proportionately with cheats following a fair process."

Mettlestate's CEO, Barry Louzada, added: ""Mettlestate are really glad to have a partner like ESIC on board to assist with these kinds of situations. It is never easy to have this kind of thing happen but when it does, knowing that there is guidance from ESIC ensures that it is dealt with properly."

Do you think two years is a reasonable ban?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive