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There could be 286 million frequent esports viewers by 2020

A new report indicates that esports growth could be huge.

A new study from Unibet called Esports Champions has revealed some interesting statistics from the world of esports from engagement to prize money, as well as much more.

To start with, the report said that a successful esports player makes more than that of golf, as winning some of Dota 2's biggest tournaments is more lucrative than success in the Masters or US Open. They referenced the fact that Wings Gaming won The International 2016, with each player nabbing $1.83 million USD, whereas Dustin Johnson won $1.8 million last year for the US Open, the same prize money being available for the winner of the Masters this year.

Viewership was also discussed, as esports viewers have allegedly reached a peak of 162 million frequent viewers and 161 million occasional viewers last year, with statistics company Statista predicting this could rise to 286 and 303 million respectively by 2020.

The report also discovered that the number of esports professionals rised from 2,829 to 13,555 between 2010 and 2016, and the predicted prize money to be awarded in 2017 is $150 million in total.

You can check out the full report here for more. How accurate do you think these predictions will be?

Photo: Unibet
Photo: Unibet