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Grand Theft Auto V

New community-hosted tournament coming to GTA V

Kings of Los Santos is coming soon.

  • Text: Declan Grady

A new community-hosted tournament for Grand Theft Auto V called Kings of Los Santos, provided by Coalesce Esports, has been announced, the rules of which can be found here. The rules state that the tournament will cover a verity of game modes, from death matches to races.

The rules even go as far as to make the team captains agree to restart from the last played map if a player lags out, however, if a player suffers continuous lag, they can be disqualified. Furthermore, any player proven to have modded items can also be disqualified.

After the initial matches the stages will look like this:

Qualifiers (if necessary) - Best of 3 Maps, 1 Race and 2 TDMs. The first crew to win 2 maps progresses

Quarter Finals - Best of 5 maps, 3 deathmatches and 2 races, the first crew to win 3 maps progresses further

Semi Finals - Best of 5 maps, 2 races and 3 TDM, again the first crew to win 3 maps progresses

Final - Best of 5 maps again with 2 races and 3 TDMs. The first crew to win 3 wins the tournament

There are additional rules that the players must follow however, as the teams must be 4 vs 4, and races must be non contact, with no helmets, miniguns, or explosives. For more details on the tournament, rules, and how to sign up, visit this link.

Do you think GTA V lends itself well to esports competitions? Could we see more in the future?

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