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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Could fnx be on his way to Immortals?

The ESEA site seems to indicate he is.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

If you keep an eye on the ESEA page, then you may have noticed something recently about the Immortals roster which is pretty interesting, as their ESEA page lists Lincoln "fnx" Lau as a player there, despite no official word coming of his leaving current team SK Gaming.

SK Gaming took the decision to bench fnx, citing motivational issues as the reason, instead using Ricardo "fox" Pacheco as a temporary stand-in for competitions include Eleague, but SK Gaming maintain that this is only temporary.

"Lincoln was crucial in our success as he was one of the important pieces that led us to achieve the things we did in the last year," captain Gabriel 'Fallen' Toledo said in the announcement. "Our team can only be successful when all players are working constantly for the same goal. Lately, it didn't feel like everybody had the same vision for our team going forward. A team lives of good and tough moments during which you need special motivation, hard work and full commitment to get back to where you want to be. Everyone, including Lincoln, tried extremely hard in the last months to fix that situation but ultimately we felt a change was a necessary step for now to development as a team."

Do you think SK Gaming should keep fox and let go of fnx?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: SK Gaming