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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Godsent no longer competing at WESG Grand Finals

The reason for the decision is "unknown".

  • Text: Sam Bishop

WESG has announced that Godsent will not be competing in the WESG Grand Finals in Changzhou, China, after all, although the reason for the decision isn't clear.

The tournament, which is presented by Alipay, is starting today and running until Sunday, and Swedish team Godsent was meant to attend. "The reasons of that decision are unknown," WESG writes. "Also, there was no official comment from the directorship of organisation. Following the seeding, Godsent were up to play in Group С, where also we have such teams as Space Soldiers, Signature, Team Kinguin, FIVE eSports Club and Bravado Gaming."

The mystery follows Godsent's recent setback regarding the DreamHack Master Las Vegas tournament, one which they failed to qualify for and so will also be missing. Does this mean problems behind the scenes? Let us know your thoughts below.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: WESG