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League of Legends

Immortals' tweet lands them in trouble

What started as a joke got out of hand very quickly.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Three days ago Immortals tweeted a picture of some fake jerseys with the names of Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon and Lee "Piccaboo" Jong-Beom on them, which many fans took to mean that they had been signed by the team, however, this wasn't the case and was in fact just a joke.

Many backlashed against the picture and the poorly-judged joke, and GorillA himself even responded: "Finished a talk with IMT about posting jersey with my name issue and we put a good face on it. Actually, I had some pro teams that asked me about the ESPN article about IMT posting "Gorilla" uniform. So I had to explain them that i am not on IMT and it was just a PR from IMT. Because of this situation, I became a little bit sensitive and went for tweeting about this issue."

"After the tweet, IMT apologised officially and in person. We had a talk about this situation and now there is no problem between me and IMT. I am pleased that i talked with Noah and Dodo and appreciate their quick response and favor on me. I wish IMT a success in the future."

Apparently this had jeopardised current talks GorillA was having with a team, and MonteCristo even tweeted about the incident, saying: "Not a cultural difference. Any player in the world would have been p***ed by you putting their name on a jersey before signing," after Immortals apologised.

Did you think the tweets hinted at signings?

League of Legends
Photo: Immortals

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