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League of Legends

Over 20 pro sports teams have invested in esports

And that's only since January 2015.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Since January 2015 21 pro sports teams from across the world have invested in esports, the latest of which is FC Nantes from France, as they announced the signing of Adrien "Aquino" Viaud, a professional FIFA player, on November 17.

The Next Level has produced a useful infographic showing the teams that have moved into esports and when they have done so, included below. Most of these teams are soccer teams like Besiktas from Turkey, PSG from France and West Ham from England, but other teams like basketball side Philadelphia 76ers from the US have also invested.

Do you see more teams continuing this trend?

League of Legends
Photo: The Next Level
League of Legends
Photo: FC Nantes