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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESEA to use anti-cheat system in a tournament for the first time

IEM Oakland will be the first to use it.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

ESEA has announced that their anti-cheat system will be deployed for the first time in a live CS:GO tournament this weekend, a system that will be "designed and tailored to the LAN environment".

ESEA say they have been working on the technology for the last year in order to ensure that all players are on an "even playing field [...] we have worked diligently to listen to both player and organiser feedback for LAN events and worked with ESL to perform a technical test of the anti-cheat client at ESL One New York in October 2016."

IEM Oakland will be the first event to use this ESEA LAN anti-cheat client, and the qualifier iBUYPOWER Masters. It won't be exclusive to ESEA events, however, and the requirements that need to be met to use it will be released after IEM Oakland.

Do you think this will make a big difference?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive