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League of Legends

Could IMAQTPIE replace Doublelift?

Or is he just teasing us?

  • Text: Sam Bishop

This morning we reported that Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng was taking a break from Team SoloMid and would not be playing in the spring split, but could his replacement already be lined up in the form of IMAQTPIE?

Michael "IMAQTPIE" Santana posted a picture on Facebook which teases us into thinking this might be the case, since the caption simply reads: "Special announcment coming soon guys."

Later on, on his Twitch, he added fuel to the fire when a commenter asked if fans could see him on TSM for the spring split, to which he replied "realistically, yes."

Do you think he'll replace Doublelift?

League of Legends
Photo: Michael Santana