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Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbox Six: Siege Season 3 Pro League finals get a trailer

November 12 and 13 will be when the action takes place.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

On November 12 and 13 the Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 Pro League finals will take place, with the best teams from both North America and Europe battling on PC and Xbox One to grab the prize pool of $150,000 US dollars.

The ESL Arena in Katowice, Poland will be the host of the event which will start on the November 12 at 9AM GMT, and to celebrate the upcoming finals a new trailer has been released to get people in the mood.

What's also exciting is that the end of the trailer announces that the next DLC, Operation Red Crow, will have a live demo that weekend as well as what has tantalisingly been referred to as "major announcements".

Let us know if you're excited for the Season 3 finals below! Be sure to watch all the action on Twitch too.

Rainbow Six: Siege