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League of Legends

LoL expected to hit 99 million active monthly users this year

As well as generating $1.79 billion US dollars in revenue.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

SuperData Research has conducted a forecast into figures for League of Legends in the coming years, and at the end of this year it is expected to surpass 99 million monthly active users and generate $1.79 billion US dollars in revenue.

As of right now, monthly active users stand at around 98.2 million and revenue is at $1.17 billion US dollars, and in 2015 there were 94.3 million active users and revenue was at $1.62 billion US dollars, so the rise is by no means small.

These figures can only spell good things for Riot Games, who have just updated their game ahead of the new season. Do you think League of Legends will be around for a long time?

League of Legends