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Team Spirit has relocated to Serbia

The Russian team has abandoned its Moscow expansion and has moved its employees and teams to Belgrade.

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The Russian esports organisation Team Spirit has announced that it is leaving Russia and relocating its teams and employees to the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. Revealed in a statement posted on Twitter, Team Spirit has said that the decision to relocate is "both practical and ethical" and also will be seeing the team abandoning its efforts to expand its infrastructure in Moscow.

"The current events force us to abandon our plans to expand the infrastructure in Moscow and focus on relocating our club's employees and teams to Belgrade."

"The accessibility of esports has always been its unique feature. Wherever you live, whatever you do, whatever you believe in, the doors to esports have always been open for you. However, everything is changing, and one of these changes is the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, where many of our players and employees come from. Given the circumstances, both practical and ethical, the decision to relocate seems like the right one."

"Esports has never known borders and it has never been tied to a dot on the map. We at Team Spirit have been building a close relationship with the community around the world for many years, and we believe that it will only get stronger. No matter where you live and what language you speak".

Team Spirit has relocated to Serbia

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