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F1 2021

Aston Martin and Mercedes take the victory at Round 7 & 8 of the F1 Esports Pro Series

Lucas Blakeley and Dani Moreno took the top spots on the podiums.

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Last night saw the F1 Esports Pro Series return, with a double-whammy of events taking the drivers to Portimao in Portugal and Zandvoort in The Netherlands. The two events, which took place one after the other, saw unique victors, with Aston Martin blasting through the pack on the former and Mercedes once again taking the top spot in the latter.

At Round 7: Portimao, it was Aston Martin's Lucas Blakely who took the top position on the podium, ahead of Red Bull's Frederik Rasmussen and Alpine's Fabrizio Donoso, who finished second and third respectively. This victory actually catapulted Blakeley to the top of the standings.

This put all eyes on Round 8 at Zandvoort, where Mercedes once again rose to the top of the standings with Dani Moreno taking home the top slot, ahead of Red Bull's Rasmussen, and the still championship-leader Blakeley, who finished third.

The next round of the tournament is set to take place this evening, when the drivers will compete at the Circuit of the Americas, to rack up some final points ahead of the last event of the season, which is set for December 15-16.

F1 2021

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