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Ghost Gaming acquires One Percent

The esports organisation has picked up the content creation organisation.

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Ghost Gaming has announced that it has acquired the content creation organisation One Percent, in a deal that will see Ghost expand its place in the industry as it looks to become the premier home esports team for Atlanta, USA.

"Ghost is the voice of Atlanta's gaming culture, reaching the most coveted but otherwise elusive audience of 13-34 year olds," said Andrew Steinberg, chair of the board at Ghost Gaming. "One Percent amplifies our audience throughout the South as a lifestyle brand, and we have other acquisitions on the roadmap as we cement our position as a next-generation, digitally-native media company."

One Percent is known for its presence on YouTube, where the team has garnered over 1 million viewers ever since its creation in July 2020. The members of the team that make up One Percent are also known for having sizable followings as well.

As part of the deal, Julian "Aeolus" Castro, founder and CEO of One Percent, will also become known as the managing director of content and community for Ghost Gaming, bringing Castro back into esports following his time at Luminosity and Obey Alliance, teams where he was recognised as a director and a founder, respectively.

"This acquisition is incredibly exciting as we have come together to form a new powerhouse in the gaming media industry," said Castro. "I strongly believe that we complement each other and have a foundation upon which to build an amazing story. The future is very, very bright!"

Ghost Gaming acquires One Percent

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