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Hangzhou Spark has released one of its coaches and its team manager

OnlyWish and DoubleSai have officially moved on from the Overwatch League team.

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The Hangzhou Spark has made a few changes to its management and coaching staff, as the team further prepares for the next season of the Overwatch League. Both Chen "OnlyWish" Lizhen and Saisai "DoubleSai" Huang have left the organisation, leaving the team without a team manager or an assistant coach.

While OnlyWish joined the team a few months ago, DoubleSai has been with the Spark since 2018, when the franchise officially joined the OWL.

As part of the pair of individuals leaving the team, the Spark had a few things to share about the moves on Twitter. Speaking about DoubleSai's news, the Spark said, "After consultation of both parts, a final agreement was reached. Today we part ways with our Team Manager, DoubleSai. Since the team was built, he has always been the heart of us, we sincerely thank him for his hard work these years."

As for OnlyWish, the Spark also stated, "Today we say thank you to OnlyWish for his warm heart and hard work as our Assistant Coach. Seeing friends leaving has is sad, but we will always be grateful of you and your works!"

With the Overwatch League expected to return in April 2022, we can probably look forward to a few new announcements from the Spark as it prepares for another run in the league.


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