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Monopoly esport edition seems to be coming

It is being created in cooperation with the ESL.

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There are so many different variants of Monopoly available, too many if anything, but we know the reason why: the board game is iconic and a family favourite, and has been for almost a century. But, in a pretty surprise development, Monopoly is looking to release an esports edition of the game that seems to be created in cooperation with the ESL.

Known as Esport Monopoly, the version of the board game was spotted by the Polish site Cybersport, where it was discovered that the board game could be purchased on eBay today.

As for how the game plays, the board has replaced the typical properties with ESL events, such as ESL Play, ESL Mobile Open, and even ESL Cologne, which is the most expensive event on the board. As DreamHack is now part of the ESL brand, each of the four DreamHack events also make up the train stations in the centre of each side of the board as well.

eBay values the game around 45 Euros, but as the board game isn't planned to release until October 25, 2021, we can probably expect a specific price to be unveiled sooner rather than later.

Monopoly esport edition seems to be coming

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